The Science of Frequencies

NexQuest Life Sciences is an innovative company that is bringing exciting possibilities and opportunities to the wellness and therapeutics space, utilizing our clinically proven Natural Frequency Technology®.

Every living organism on the planet has a unique and complex signature of electromagnetic frequency patterns. We live every day in an energy field built from many frequencies, including the extremely low frequencies of the Earth’s magnetic field, radio waves, infrared, visible and ultraviolet radiation. So too people generate their own bio-magnetic fields. When a human being is in a calm state or is asleep, their bio-magnetic field resonates at different frequencies compared to when they are wide awake and moving around. This is reflected in the electrical activity of the brain and heart.

Natural Frequency Technology®


NexQuest Life Sciences has developed a proprietary resonance technology called Natural Frequency Technology® that captures unique frequency signatures associated with the different states of being such as Sleep, Balance, and Energy. The frequencies are transferred onto a suitable informational disc. When worn on or near the skin, the body’s own bio-magnetic field harmonizes with the frequencies, promoting good sleep, creating a feeling of balance, or feeling more energized.

Our proprietary and clinically proven Natural Frequency Technology® can develop many types of frequency programs that effect human biological systems in a positive way. Each program designed is a special combination of frequencies that influence very specific needs like sleep, energy, stress and more.

The electrical activity of our brain and nervous system produces a bio-magnetic field around the body. This field controls our innate health and functions.

electrical activity of our brain and nervous system

The NexQuest Natural Frequency Technology® disc resonates with the body, strengthening our natural bio-magnetic field.

The subtle natural frequencies help restore the body’s ability to sleep better, reduce perceived stress, improve focus and energy levels.

subtle natural frequencies help restore the body's ability to sleep better

Scientifically Tested and Proven

At NexQuest we have engaged in a course of scientific research to confirm the action of our products and better understand how the body responds to natural frequencies. This exciting research has recently confirmed that our products have beneficial effects in a randomized double blind placebo-controlled crossover trial (the ‘gold standard’ in studies on humans) of our sleep bracelet conducted by Heather Hausenblas, PhD, Associate Dean, School of Applied Health Sciences and Professor, Kinesiology at Jacksonville University.

This study reported statistically significant improvements in mood, perceived stress, anxiety and sleep quality. Furthermore, when the participants wore the Sleep Bracelet compared to the placebo bracelet, they had improvements in their REM sleep, deep sleep, and breathing rate while sleeping, resulting in improvements in their overall quality of sleep. In the words of Dr. Hasenblas.

“The Sleep Bracelet is a simple, well-tolerated, noninvasive, and all-natural intervention that people can easily use to improve their sleep quality resulting in improved mood, productivity, anxiety, and stress levels during the day. In other words, when people wore the Sleep Bracelet they slept better (sleep quality and quantity improved) and this resulted in improved mood, less stress and anxiety, and increased productivity during the day.”

The Future of Medicine and Therapeutics

NexQuest is excited about these results and about our ongoing research into understanding how the body interacts with natural frequencies within us and around us.

This new field of Natural Frequency Technology® has the potential to be the next frontier of medicine and therapeutics. We have more studies underway and the doorway has been opened to the future of Optimal Sleep, Energy, Cognitive ability, enhanced immunity and more!

The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence. – Nikola Tesla

Jacksonville University



Performed by Heather Hausenblas PHD.
Effectiveness of Nexquest Natural Frequency Technology on sleep and mood of adults with insomnia symptoms: a randomized, double blind and placebo controlled crossover trial.

Statistically Significant improvements in:

  • Sleep Quality

  • Anxiety

  • Perceived Stress

  • Mood

Jacksonville University



Performed by Heather Hausenblas PHD.
Center for Health and Human Performance, Jacksonville University

Statistically Significant improvements in:

  • Cognitive Ability

  • Perceived Stress

  • Mood

  • Sleep Quality



Performed by Reuven Or PHD.

This study was performed using frequencies designed for the Immune System

  • We were able to reduce lymphocyte proliferation by as high as 21%

  • This has tremendous implications for regulating the immune system and inflammation reduction.

  • We are currently engaged in further studies to show the wide ranging positive effects on the immune system.

Brand Partners

During more than 15 years and with the mission to improve people’s quality of life, Philip Stein was combining the innovative NexQuest Natural Frequency Technology® with stylish design and high-quality craftsmanship.

Natural Frequency watches, sleep bracelets, sport bracelets, and wellness bracelets are part of the complete line of lifestyle accessories that Philip Stein has designed and finely tuned to help wearers improve their overall sense of wellbeing.

Today, Philip Stein can be found globally in multi-brand stores. department stores, specialty stores, and Philip Stein boutiques in more than 20 countries.

Established in Bali in 1975, John Hardy is dedicated to creating artisan handcrafted jewelry. Each of John Hardy’s distinctive collections conveys evocative symbolism and honors the transmission of creative energy from the artist to the wearer.

Recently John Hard launch the new Wellness collection incorporating the unique Clinically Tested NexQuest Natural Frequency Technology® to its beautiful jewelry accessories, making it the perfect connection between wellness and luxury.

Results-driven, easy-to-use products, that bring you unlimited opportunities to achieve beauty and body confidence. It Works philosophy is that every product must enhance your life and jumpstart your journey towards personal achievement. They deliver product solutions that are backed by science, simple to incorporate into your existing routine, and that truly work!

Incorporating the NexQuest Clinically tested Natural Frequency Technology into their easy-to-apply Patches is a natural step.

Bringing four different solutions to the nowadays problems:

Discover the wellness that the unique Clinically Tested Nexquest technology can bring you, thanks to its Frequency Card. Place it under your pillow when you go to sleep or under your food plate 5 minutes before eating. Try doing this for 30 consecutive days to allow your body to re-adapt to the new frequencies.

Made from Eco-durable material to weather even the most active lifestyles, the Frequency Insole is embedded with the unique Nexquest Natural Frequency Technology® to help you improve focus and increase your overall energy level. Wear your Frequency Insole inside your regular sneaker model for at least 30 consecutive days to allow your body to re-adapt to the new frequencies.

Research Partners

Heather Hausenblas,
Heather Hausenblas, PHD
Dr. Heather Hausenblas is a physical activity and healthy aging expert, researcher, and author. She obtained her doctorate from The University of Western Ontario, Canada. Dr. Hausenblas was a faculty member and the Director of the Exercise Psychology lab at the University of Florida from 1998 to 2012. She is currently a Professor at Jacksonville University in the Brooks Rehabilitation College of Healthcare Sciences. Her research focuses on the psychological effects of health behaviors, in particular physical activity and diet, across the lifespan. She examines the effects of physical activity and diet on body image, mood, adherence, quality of life, and excessive exercise.
Jacksonville University
Dr. Reuven Or
Dr. Reuven Or
Professor Reuven Or is the director of Cancer Immunotherapy and Immunobiology Departments at Hadassah University Medical Center in Jerusalem, Israel.

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