The Science of Frequencies

NexQuest Life Sciences is an innovative company that is bringing exciting possibilities and opportunities to the wellness and therapeutics space, utilizing our clinically proven Natural Frequency Technology®.

Every living organism on the planet has a unique and complex signature of electromagnetic frequency patterns. We live every day in an energy field built from many frequencies, including the extremely low frequencies of the Earth’s magnetic field, radio waves, infrared, visible and ultraviolet radiation. So too people generate their own bio-magnetic fields. When a human being is in a calm state or is asleep, their bio-magnetic field resonates at different frequencies compared to when they are wide awake and moving around. This is reflected in the electrical activity of the brain and heart.

Frequency Technology

NexQuest Life Sciences has developed a proprietary resonance technology called Natural Frequency Technology® that captures unique frequency signatures associated with the different states of being such as Sleep, Balance and Energy. We then transfer these frequencies into a suitable informational disc. When worn on or near the skin, the body’s own bio-magnetic field harmonizes with the frequencies, promoting good sleep, creating a feeling of balance or feeling more energized.

Our proprietary and clinically proven Natural Frequency Technology® can develop many types of frequency programs that effect human biological systems in a positive way. Each program designed is a special combination of frequencies that influence very specific needs like sleep, energy, stress and more.

Scientifically Tested and Proven

At NexQuest we have engaged in a course of scientific research to confirm the action of our products and better understand how the body responds to natural frequencies. This exciting research has recently confirmed that our products have beneficial effects in a randomized double blind placebo-controlled crossover trial (the ‘gold standard’ in studies on humans) of our sleep bracelet conducted by Heather Hausenblas, PhD, Associate Dean, School of Applied Health Sciences and Professor, Kinesiology at Jacksonville University.

This study reported statistically significant improvements in mood, perceived stress, anxiety and sleep quality. Furthermore, when the participants wore the Sleep Bracelet compared to the placebo bracelet, they had improvements in their REM sleep, deep sleep, and breathing rate while sleeping, resulting in improvements in their overall quality of sleep. In the words of Dr. Hasenblas.

“The Sleep Bracelet is a simple, well-tolerated, noninvasive, and all-natural intervention that people can easily use to improve their sleep quality resulting in improved mood, productivity, anxiety, and stress levels during the day. In other words, when people wore the Sleep Bracelet they slept better (sleep quality and quantity improved) and this resulted in improved mood, less stress and anxiety, and increased productivity during the day.”

The Future of Medicine and Therapeutics

NexQuest is excited about these results and about our ongoing research into understanding how the body interacts with natural frequencies within us and around us.

This new field of Natural Frequency Technology® has the potential to be the next frontier of medicine and therapeutics. We have more studies underway and the doorway has been opened to the future of Optimal Sleep, Energy, Cognitive ability, enhanced immunity and more!

The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence. – Nikola Tesla